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August 18th
  • Which genocide is often referred to as 'The Forgotten Genocide'?
  • Which genocide occurred in East Timor in 1975?
  • Which African country experienced the genocide known as the Tutsi Genocide?
  • Which genocide is often referred to as 'The Bosnian Genocide'?
  • Which genocide occurred in Guatemala between 1981 and 1983?


August 18th
  • During which conflict did the Srebrenica massacre occur?
  • Which country experienced the Herero and Nama genocide between 1904 and 1908?
  • Who was the architect behind the Cambodian genocide, also known as the Khmer Rouge regime?
  • What was the estimated death toll during the Rwandan genocide in 1994?
  • Which term is used to describe the systematic extermination of the Jewish population by Nazi Germany during World War II?