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February 10th
  • What is the average lifespan of a Canada Goose in the wild?
  • What is the specialized term for the flocking behavior of geese during migration?
  • Which continent is home to the Bar-headed Goose, known for its high-altitude migration over the Himalayas?
  • What is the scientific name for the Snow Goose, a species known for its white plumage?
  • Geese are known for their aggressive behavior during nesting season. What is the term for a male goose?


February 10th
  • What is a group of geese flying in a V-formation called?
  • Which continent is home to the largest species of geese, known for their distinctive black head and neck?
  • What is the term for the process in which geese shed their feathers and grow new ones?
  • Geese are known for their strong family bonds. What is a baby goose called?
  • Which species of geese are known for their long migratory journeys, flying from the Arctic to the southern tip of South America?
  • What is the term for the loud, honking sound geese make to communicate with each other?
  • In some cultures, geese are seen as symbols of loyalty and courage. Which ancient civilization regarded geese as sacred birds associated with the goddess Juno?
  • Geese are herbivores and primarily feed on vegetation. What is their favorite food source in the water?
  • Which physical adaptation allows geese to float effortlessly on water and swim gracefully?
  • Geese are highly social birds that often form long-lasting relationships. What is the term for a group of geese on the ground?