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January 26th
  • What gas do plants absorb during photosynthesis?
  • What is the process of transferring pollen from the male part of the flower to the stigma of the female part of the flower called?
  • Which part of a plant conducts the process of photosynthesis?
  • What is the term used for the practice of growing plants in a controlled environment without soil?
  • Which plant is well-known for closing its leaves and drooping when touched or shaken?


January 18th
  • Which part of a plant absorbs sunlight and converts it into energy through photosynthesis?
  • What is the process of transferring pollen from the male part of a flower to the female part, allowing for plant reproduction?
  • What is the term for the practice of removing unwanted wild plants from a garden or cultivated field?
  • What is the name for the process of cultivating and producing new plants from seeds?
  • Which gardening tool is commonly used for breaking up soil and removing weeds?