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August 19th
  • What is the traditional fermented Korean side dish made from vegetables called?
  • Which country is credited with the invention of gelato?
  • What is the main ingredient in the traditional Japanese dish called 'Miso soup'?
  • What is the primary ingredient used to make the Indian dish 'Gulab Jamun'?
  • Which country is known for the dish 'Peking Duck'?


August 18th
  • What is the national dish of Guatemala?
  • Which ingredient is commonly used in traditional Guatemalan mole sauce?
  • What is the main protein source in a typical Guatemalan breakfast dish called 'Desayuno Chapín'?
  • What type of cheese is traditionally used in Guatemalan enchiladas?
  • Which traditional Guatemalan drink is made from fermented corn and pineapple?