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March 24th
  • What is the ethical theory that focuses on the consequences of actions to determine their morality?
  • Who is known for the concept of the 'categorical imperative' in ethics?
  • Which philosophical principle suggests that an action is morally right if it creates the most pleasure for the greatest number of people?
  • What term refers to the belief that actions are right because they are produced from a sense of duty?
  • Who proposed the concept of 'virtue ethics' that highlights the importance of moral character in determining ethical behavior?


October 27th
  • What is the study of right and wrong conduct called?
  • Which philosopher is known for his theory of Utilitarianism?
  • What ethical system emphasizes the importance of duty and moral obligation?
  • Which ethical theory emphasizes the development of virtuous character?
  • What ethical theory asserts that an action is morally right if it promotes self-interest?