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Step into the immersive world of Dr. Who with TriviaUniverseAI.com's AI-powered trivia game. Engaging both trivia enthusiasts and die-hard fans of Dr. Who, this game is designed to challenge players with diverse questions that delve deep into the fascinating Doctor's universe. With adaptive AI technology, this game caters to players of all knowledge levels, ensuring a thrilling experience for beginners and seasoned Whovians alike. Unleash your inner Time Lord and test your expertise on the TARDIS, Daleks, and everything in between. Join us on TriviaUniverseAI for an unforgettable journey through time and space.

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September 3rd
  • Which actor played the First Doctor in the original 'Doctor Who' series?
  • What is the real name of the Doctor's time-traveling spaceship?
  • In which city is the Torchwood Institute located?
  • Who was the showrunner of 'Doctor Who' when it was revived in 2005?
  • Which actress played the role of the Thirteenth Doctor?