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March 10th
  • Which famous physicist is known for both the theory of relativity and the equation E=mc^2?
  • What novel is famously known for its dual narrative structure, alternating between two characters' perspectives, one in the past and one in the present?
  • In Greek mythology, which twin brothers founded the city of Rome after being raised by a she-wolf?
  • Which two countries are separated by the world's longest land border, stretching over 8,800 kilometers?
  • Who are the two artists known for their collaboration on the famous song 'Under Pressure', released in 1981?


March 10th
  • In 'American Horror Story: Double Feature', what is the name of the town where the first part 'Red Tide' is set?
  • Which actor plays the role of Harry Gardner, an author in 'Red Tide' of 'American Horror Story: Double Feature'?
  • What is the title of the second part of 'American Horror Story: Double Feature'?
  • Which actress portrays the character of Doris Gardner, Harry's wife, in 'Red Tide' of 'American Horror Story: Double Feature'?
  • In 'Double Feature', what is the name of the pill that provides inspiration but leads to dark consequences in 'Red Tide'?