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Dive into the fascinating world of design with's AI-powered trivia game! Immerse yourself in a thrilling experience filled with diverse questions about architecture, fashion, graphic design, and more. Our advanced AI technology ensures that players of all knowledge levels can enjoy this engaging game. Whether you're a design aficionado or simply love a good challenge, will keep you entertained for hours on end. Join now and test your design knowledge in the ultimate trivia showdown!

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February 27th
  • Which influential German industrial designer is known for his work with Braun and his minimalist design approach, including the creation of the iconic 'Braun SK 4' phonograph?
  • Who is the renowned Japanese graphic designer recognized for his innovative and distinctive typography work, blending traditional Japanese aesthetics with modern design concepts?
  • Which female architect and designer is celebrated for her groundbreaking contributions to modernist architecture, including the design of the iconic 'E-1027' villa?
  • Who is the Dutch designer known for his innovative furniture designs, such as the iconic 'Red Blue Chair' and his involvement in the De Stijl art movement?
  • Which influential French designer and architect is recognized for his avant-garde and functionalist furniture designs, such as the iconic 'LC4 Chaise Lounge' and 'LC2 Grand Confort' chair?