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March 15th
  • Which beloved comedian and actor passed away on August 11, 2014, at the age of 63?
  • This legendary singer and songwriter died on December 8, 1980, from gunshot wounds. Who is he?
  • Which famous Hollywood actress died on August 5, 1962, at the young age of 36?
  • This influential musician, known for hits like 'Purple Haze' and 'Hey Joe,' died on September 18, 1970. Who is he?
  • Which famous author, known for works like '1984' and 'Animal Farm,' died on January 21, 1950?


August 2nd
  • Which musician famously died in a plane crash on February 3, 1959?
  • In what year did Marilyn Monroe pass away?
  • Who was the iconic martial artist and actor who died at the age of 32?