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March 26th
  • Which Czech artist, known for his surreal and imaginative artwork, created the iconic series of paintings titled 'The Persistence of Memory'?
  • In Czech culture, what is the name of the traditional puppet used in puppet theater performances, characterized by intricate designs and detailed craftsmanship?
  • Which Czech astronomer, known as the 'father of modern astronomy,' formulated the heliocentric model of the universe, placing the Sun at the center instead of the Earth?
  • What traditional Czech pastry, often served with coffee or tea, is a sweet yeast dough filled with poppy seeds or fruit jam and topped with powdered sugar?
  • Which Czech director, known for his distinctive filmmaking style and use of surreal elements, created the acclaimed movie 'Amadeus,' depicting the life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart?


March 26th
  • Which famous Czech composer is known for his symphonic poems, including 'Vltava' (The Moldau) and 'Ma Vlast' (My Country)?
  • What is the traditional Czech dish made of bread, milk, eggs, sugar, and spices, often served as a Christmas meal?
  • In Czech folklore, what mythical water spirit is said to reside in rivers and lakes, sometimes depicted as a beautiful woman with green hair and the tail of a fish?
  • Which Czech author wrote the novel 'The Unbearable Lightness of Being', exploring themes of love, politics, and existentialism?
  • What traditional Czech glassmaking region is known for its high-quality crystal and glass products, dating back to the 13th century?