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May 4th
  • Which CSGO map was removed from the Active Duty map pool in March 2021 and later reintroduced with changes in October 2021?
  • In CSGO, which organization founded the BLAST Premier tournament series in 2020?
  • Which CSGO player achieved the highest rating ever recorded in a professional match, with a rating of 2.03 on HLTV?
  • What was the first CSGO Major tournament to be held in 2013, featuring 16 teams competing for a $250,000 prize pool?
  • Which CSGO team won the ESL One: Cologne 2016 Major tournament, defeating SK Gaming in the grand finals?


May 4th
  • In CSGO, which map is known for its unique layout with two bombsites located on a bridge and a trainyard?
  • Which professional CSGO player holds the record for the most kills in a single Major tournament match?
  • What is the maximum number of rounds that can be played in a competitive CSGO match before a winner is determined?
  • Which CSGO weapon is known for its ability to penetrate multiple enemies with a single shot?
  • What is the term used in CSGO to describe the act of moving back and forth rapidly to avoid enemy fire while maintaining accuracy?