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Step into the hilarious world of comedy movies with's AI-powered trivia game! Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing gameplay, where our adaptive AI technology constantly adapts to your knowledge level. Challenge yourself with diverse and mind-boggling questions, spanning from timeless classics to modern gems, all tailored to Comedy Movies. Whether you're a seasoned trivia enthusiast or simply a fan of laughter, this game guarantees an immersive and engaging experience. Get ready to laugh, reminisce, and showcase your comedic expertise in the ultimate trivia showdown!

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July 29th
  • Which comedy movie featured Jim Carrey's memorable line 'So you're telling me there's a chance?'
  • In which comedy movie does Robin Williams play the role of a cross-dressing father?
  • Which comedy movie stars Bill Murray as a weatherman trapped in a time loop?
  • Which comedy movie follows a group of employees at a dysfunctional paper company?
  • Who directed the comedy movie 'Airplane!'?


July 27th
  • Which comedy film features a fictional heavy metal band called 'Spinal Tap'?
  • In the movie 'Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy', which animal does Ron Burgundy keep as a pet?
  • Which comedy film features a character named Lloyd Christmas and his best friend Harry Dunne?