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April 16th
  • Which year did the Coles supermarket chain face a controversy related to underpayment of its staff?
  • What was the estimated amount that Coles had to repay its employees due to the underpayment issue in 2020?
  • Which regulatory body investigated the underpayment scandal at Coles in 2020?
  • In response to the underpayment issue, who resigned from their position as the Coles CEO in 2020?
  • Which supermarket chain competitor of Coles faced similar underpayment controversies around the same time in 2020?
  • What was the name of the program launched by Coles to address the underpayment issue and ensure employees were paid correctly?
  • Which Coles executive admitted that the underpayment issue was a 'big priority' for the company in 2020?
  • What was the percentage of underpaid workers identified by Coles in the 2020 investigation?
  • Which labor union criticized Coles for the underpayment issue and called for stricter regulations in the retail sector?
  • What was the main reason cited by Coles for the underpayment of its employees in 2020?