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June 28th
  • At what age do Cockapoos typically reach their full adult size?
  • What is the primary ancestor breed of the Cockapoo known for its hypoallergenic qualities?
  • Which genetic disorder, affecting the blood, should Cockapoo breeders screen for to ensure healthy puppies?
  • What is the ideal environment for a Cockapoo in terms of activity level and space?
  • Which type of training is particularly effective for Cockapoos due to their high intelligence and social nature?


June 28th
  • Which genetic health test is crucial for Cockapoos due to a common inherited eye condition?
  • Which grooming technique is particularly recommended for maintaining a Cockapoo's coat health?
  • What type of diet is generally recommended for Cockapoos to maintain their health?
  • Which activity is highly beneficial for a Cockapoo's mental stimulation and physical health?
  • What is a common method used to train Cockapoos effectively, considering their intelligence and eagerness to please?


June 28th
  • Which two dog breeds are crossed to create a Cockapoo?
  • What is a common characteristic of Cockapoos in terms of their coat?
  • What is the typical lifespan of a Cockapoo?
  • Which trait is commonly associated with the temperament of Cockapoos?
  • In what decade did Cockapoos first become recognized as a hybrid breed?