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May 27th
  • Which famous Cuban artist is known for their colorful and vibrant murals in Havana, Cuba?
  • In the anime 'Dragon Ball Z', what is the name of the technique used by Goku to increase his power level significantly?
  • Who is the Cuban scientist known for his work in the field of nanotechnology and material science, particularly in the development of nanomedicine?
  • Which Cuban urban artist is famous for their graffiti art that combines traditional Cuban elements with modern and colorful styles?
  • In the sport of boxing, what is the term used for a professional boxer's record of having won all their fights, usually by knockout?
  • Which Cuban artist is known for their unique style of painting that often incorporates elements of surrealism and Afro-Cuban culture?
  • In the anime 'Naruto', what is the name of the demon fox sealed within Naruto Uzumaki?
  • Which Cuban scientist is known for their contributions to the field of biotechnology, specifically in the development of vaccines and innovative medical treatments?