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May 18th
  • What is Cheb Khaled's full name?
  • In which city was Cheb Khaled born?
  • Which hit song brought Cheb Khaled international fame in 1993?
  • Cheb Khaled's music genre is often associated with which style of music?
  • In which year did Cheb Khaled release his album 'Kenza' featuring the hit song 'Aïcha'?
  • What is the title of the song by Cheb Khaled that was used as the theme song for the FIFA World Cup 1998?
  • Cheb Khaled collaborated with which American music artist on the song 'Aïcha' for the album 'Sahra'?
  • Which prestigious award did Cheb Khaled receive in 1997 for his outstanding contribution to music?
  • Cheb Khaled's style of music is known for incorporating traditional Algerian instruments such as the ____.
  • Which country was Cheb Khaled representing when he performed at the 2010 FIFA World Cup closing ceremony in South Africa?