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June 17th
  • What is the process called when a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly?
  • Which butterfly species is known for its long annual migration from North America to Mexico?
  • What is the term for the fine, powdery scales that cover a butterfly's wings?
  • Which butterfly species is known for its distinctive blue wings and can be found in Europe, Asia, and North America?
  • What is the primary purpose of the proboscis in butterflies?
  • Which family of butterflies includes species known for their striking eye-like wing patterns?
  • What is the term for the state of temporary inactivity in which some butterflies spend the winter?
  • Which butterfly family includes the largest species, with wingspans reaching up to 12 inches?
  • What is the term for the process of a butterfly resting to warm its wings in the sun?
  • Which butterfly species, known for its orange and black wings, is named after a bird known for its distinctive calls?