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Immerse yourself in the hilarious world of Brooklyn 99 with's AI-powered trivia game! Put your knowledge to the test with an extensive range of questions, from iconic catchphrases to obscure character details. Our adaptive AI technology tailors each question to your knowledge level, ensuring an engaging experience for trivia enthusiasts and fans alike. Get ready to laugh, learn, and show off your Brooklyn 99 expertise as you compete against friends or challenge the game's intelligent algorithms. Join the Trivia Universe now and become the ultimate Brooklyn 99 trivia champ!

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January 20th
  • In 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine', what is the name of Captain Holt's dog?
  • Which precinct in Brooklyn is the setting for 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'?
  • What is the name of the Halloween heist that takes place annually in 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'?
  • Which character in 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' has a collection of over 200 leather jackets?
  • In 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine', what is the name of the bar owned by Detective Terry Jeffords?


July 30th
  • In the TV show 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine', which character is known for their obsession with yogurt?
  • What is the name of Jake Peralta's best friend and fellow detective?
  • Which actor portrays the character of Captain Raymond Holt in 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'?