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February 19th
  • In the Boys Love manga 'Hitorijime My Hero', what is the nickname of Masahiro Setagawa, a high school student who gets involved with a former street fighter?
  • Which Boys Love manga series by Yoneda Kou features the story of a former yakuza member, Mafuyu Sato, and a teacher, Kousuke Ooshiba, at a high school?
  • In the Boys Love manga 'Ten Count', what is the profession of the protagonist Shirotani Tadaomi who suffers from mysophobia and meets Riku Kurose?
  • Which Boys Love manga by Scarlet Beriko follows the story of a high school student, Rihito Sajou, who meets a tattooed delinquent, Hikaru Kusakabe, in the music room?
  • In the Boys Love manga 'Twittering Birds Never Fly', what is the position of Yashiro, a yakuza boss, in the Yakuza syndicate where he crosses paths with a masochistic lawyer, Doumeki?


November 12th
  • Which manga series is often credited with popularizing boys love genre in Japan?
  • In the boys love manga 'Finder', what is the name of the main protagonist?
  • Who is the author of the boys love manga 'Given'?
  • Which boys love anime series features a romance between a vampire and a high school student?
  • Who is the author of the boys love manga 'The World's Greatest First Love'?