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Step into the ring of knowledge with's immersive AI-powered trivia game focused on Boxing. Engage your mind with a diverse range of questions that explore every aspect of this thrilling sport, from legendary champions to iconic matches. Our adaptive AI technology ensures an exhilarating experience for trivia enthusiasts and Boxing fans alike, catering to all knowledge levels. Test your trivia prowess, unlock hidden facts, and rise through the ranks as you become a true Boxing connoisseur. Prepare for an electrifying challenge that will leave you hooked. Dare to become a trivia champion in the world of Boxing!

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July 29th
  • Who was the first heavyweight boxer to hold all three major world titles (WBA, WBC, and IBF)?
  • Which boxer is known for his famous 'Rumble in the Jungle' fight against George Foreman?
  • Who holds the record for the most consecutive heavyweight title defenses?
  • Which boxer has the nickname 'Pac-Man'?
  • Which boxer became the first and only fighter to simultaneously hold world titles in four different weight classes?