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November 16th
  • Who were the founding members of the mathematical group 'Bourbaki'?
  • What is the purpose of 'Bourbaki' in mathematics?
  • Under which pseudonym did the 'Bourbaki' group publish their mathematical works?
  • In which year was the first volume of 'Éléments de mathématique' by 'Bourbaki' published?
  • What is the significance of the pseudonym 'Bourbaki' chosen by the mathematical group?
  • Which field of mathematics did 'Bourbaki' focus on primarily?
  • What was the goal of 'Bourbaki' in terms of mathematical rigor?
  • Which French mathematician was a prominent member of the 'Bourbaki' group?
  • What was the primary language of publication for the works of 'Bourbaki'?
  • What was the pseudonym 'Bourbaki' named after?