Anime and Literature Romantica Barroca and Christopher Nolan Trivia

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June 6th
  • In the anime 'Clannad', what is the name of the protagonist who helps other students solve their personal problems?
  • Which Spanish Baroque writer is known for his work 'El ingenioso hidalgo don Quijote de la Mancha'?
  • In Christopher Nolan's film 'Inception', what is the name of the device used to enter and navigate the dream world?
  • Which anime series features a group of students forming the 'Host Club' at the prestigious Ouran High School?
  • In Baroque literature, which French author's work 'Cyrano de Bergerac' is a renowned example of romanticism and tragicomedy?
  • What is the title of Christopher Nolan's film that explores the concept of time manipulation through different narrative layers?
  • Which anime series follows the story of a young alchemist named Edward Elric on a quest to restore his brother's body and his own limbs?
  • Which Baroque literary work by John Milton portrays the epic battle between good and evil, focusing on the fallen angel Satan?
  • In Christopher Nolan's film 'The Prestige', what is the central element that drives the rivalry between two magicians?
  • Which anime series tells the story of a young girl named Tohru Honda who forms bonds with members of the Sohma family cursed by the Chinese zodiac animals?