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Get ready to dive into a captivating world of deception and intrigue with's AI-powered trivia game, where Among Us enthusiasts can put their knowledge to the test! Our immersive, AI-driven experience delivers a wide range of diverse questions about Among Us, engaging players in an addictive challenge. Our adaptive AI technology adjusts the difficulty level to accommodate players of all knowledge levels, ensuring a satisfying experience for both trivia enthusiasts and fans of Among Us. Unleash your inner detective and explore the cosmos of Among Us with our captivating trivia game!

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October 18th
  • What is the name of the spaceship featured in Among Us?
  • How many sabotages can the Impostor perform in Among Us?
  • Which task in Among Us requires players to align a set of crosshairs?
  • What is the name of the vent system in Among Us?
  • In Among Us, what is the maximum number of players in a game?


August 28th
  • Which task in Among Us is only available on The Skeld map?
  • What is the maximum number of impostors that can be present in a game of Among Us?
  • Which color is not available for players to choose as their character in Among Us?
  • What is the emergency meeting cooldown time in Among Us?
  • Which room in Among Us contains the vent system on the Polus map?