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Get ready to drink in the knowledge with's cutting-edge AI-powered trivia game! Dive into a captivating world where Alcoholic Beverages take center stage. Engage your senses as our immersive gameplay immerses you in a virtual bar, serving up diverse questions that leave no drink unturned. From boozy history to mixology mastery, this addictively fun experience keeps you on the edge of your seat. With our adaptive AI technology, players of all knowledge levels can enjoy the challenge. Grab a glass and test your expertise in the world of Alcoholic Beverages today. Cheers to an unforgettable trivia adventure!

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December 28th
  • What is the main ingredient used in the production of sake?
  • Which country is known for producing the alcoholic drink called Pisco?
  • What is the primary ingredient used in the production of Mezcal?
  • In which country is the alcoholic beverage called Cachaça primarily produced?
  • What type of grain is traditionally used to make the alcoholic beverage called Soju?