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Dive into the fascinating world of AI in a Company with! Our AI-powered trivia game offers a dynamic and immersive experience, challenging players with thought-provoking questions about the innovative ways AI is transforming companies. Our adaptive AI technology ensures that players of all knowledge levels can enjoy the game, making it perfect for trivia enthusiasts and fans of AI alike. Test your skills, expand your knowledge, and compete against friends in this exciting journey through the evolution of AI in a Company. Play now and discover the endless possibilities of!

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June 21st
  • Which company is known for developing the AI-powered virtual assistant 'Cortana'?
  • In 2016, which company acquired an AI startup named Turi, formerly known as 'Dato' and 'GraphLab' for around $200 million?
  • Which company's AI research lab, DeepMind, developed 'AlphaGo' which defeated the world champion in the board game Go?
  • Which company's AI system, Watson, gained fame by winning the quiz show 'Jeopardy!' against human champions in 2011?
  • Which company's AI platform, 'Einstein,' provides AI-driven analytics and predictions for businesses and is integrated with Salesforce CRM?