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December 1st
  • What is the name of the AI system developed by IBM that creates original art pieces in collaboration with human artists?
  • Which AI artist is known for creating a series of artworks that explore the relationship between AI, humans, and creativity?
  • In psychology, what is the term used to describe the emotional response evoked by AI-generated art pieces?
  • Which famous psychologist's theories inspired the creation of an AI-generated artwork named 'The Next Rembrandt'?
  • What is the term used to describe the process of teaching an AI to understand and create art in a human-like manner?
  • Which AI-based tool uses deep learning to analyze and interpret the emotional content of visual artworks to generate aesthetic ratings?
  • In the field of psychology, what term is used to describe the cognitive process of perceiving, interpreting, and appreciating art?
  • Which AI-generated artwork was created using a neural network and sold for over $400,000 at an auction?


September 18th
  • Who is the artist known for creating the AI-generated artwork 'Portrait of Edmond de Belamy'?
  • Which psychological concept did Salvador Dali incorporate in his painting 'The Persistence of Memory'?
  • In 2019, an AI-generated artwork named 'Portrait of Edmond de Belamy' was sold at an auction. Who created this artwork?
  • Which AI-based tool uses machine learning to analyze and interpret the emotional content of visual artworks?
  • What is the term used to describe the phenomenon where AI-generated art imitates the style of a specific artist?