A Mix of Two Movies Plots Trivia

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March 10th
  • In this hypothetical movie mashup, a group of rebels led by a skilled archer embark on a mission to destroy a powerful ring that controls time. What is the combined plot of these two famous movies?
  • Imagine a film where a brilliant mathematician and his friends use their skills to rob a Las Vegas casino to win back their stolen dreams. Which two movie plots are merged in this scenario?
  • If a movie combined the futuristic setting where a cyborg assassin travels back in time to protect a young leader with a story of a team of thieves pulling off elaborate heists, what would be the mix of the movie plots?
  • A film follows the journey of a group of space rebels fighting against an oppressive regime while also exploring the complex world of dreams and subconscious manipulation. Which two movie plots are combined in this hypothetical movie?
  • Consider a movie where a team of magicians pull off elaborate heists using their illusionist skills and uncover a world of wizardry and magical creatures. What is the mashup of the plots of these two iconic movies?