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Step into a world of intrigue and challenge your wits with TriviaUniverseAI's AI-powered trivia game, A Clue Mystery. Immerse yourself in the mysterious universe of A Clue Mystery as you tackle diverse questions that will put your knowledge to the test. Our adaptive AI technology ensures an engaging experience for players of all knowledge levels, providing just the right amount of challenge. Unleash your inner detective and explore the captivating world of A Clue Mystery at TriviaUniverseAI.com. Discover the thrill of unraveling the enigma while indulging your passion for trivia.

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February 9th
  • Who is the creator of the board game 'Clue'?
  • In the Clue board game, what is the full name of the character known as 'Mrs. White'?
  • Which Clue character is often associated with military service or expertise?
  • What is the occupation of the character 'Dr. Orchid' introduced as a suspect in the modern version of the Clue game?
  • In the Clue board game, which room is often represented by a study or office area?


August 8th
  • In the Clue movie released in 1985, what is the name of the mansion where the murder takes place?
  • What is the name of the detective character in the Clue board game?
  • In the Clue board game, which weapon is represented by a lead pipe?
  • Who is the murder victim in the original Clue board game?


August 7th
  • In the board game 'Clue', which character is known for their culinary skills?
  • In the Clue movie released in 1985, who plays the role of Wadsworth, the butler?
  • Which room is not featured in the original Clue game?
  • What is the weapon that is not part of the original Clue game?