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August 7th
  • A car travels 420 miles on 35 gallons of gas. How many miles can it travel on 10 gallons of gas?
  • A bakery sells 3 loaves of bread for $9. How much would 8 loaves of bread cost?
  • A factory produces 500 widgets in 4 hours. How many widgets can it produce in 10 hours?
  • A farmer uses 24 pounds of fertilizer to cover 6 acres of land. How many pounds of fertilizer would be needed to cover 10 acres of land?


August 1st
  • A store manager orders 125 pounds of coffee beans to make 75 bags of coffee. How many pounds of coffee beans are needed for each bag?
  • A recipe requires 2 cups of flour to make 12 muffins. How many cups of flour are needed to make 36 muffins?
  • A construction crew can lay 300 square feet of tiles in 5 hours. How many square feet of tiles can they lay in 8 hours?


July 31st
  • Sara can paint a room in 5 hours. How long will it take her to paint 3 rooms?
  • A recipe calls for 5 cups of flour to make 4 cakes. How much flour is needed to make 8 cakes?
  • A retailer bought 150 shirts for $3000. If she wants to sell each shirt for $25, how much profit will she make if she sells all the shirts?